RR window squareA project of this size requires the help of many people, and after many years of being in and out of the music world, we would like to offer our thanks.

Thanks to our supportive fans, friends, family, and helpful employers. We dedicate this with love to you.

A very special thanks to Krum and DJ Sean P for taking us on with such enthusiasm and insight. This project sounds amazing, thanks to you dudes. Working with you in the studio was incredible, and we can’t imagine the album sounding so good without you guys. Thanks for risking your reps to hang with a couple of goofy rap guys.

We’d like to thank the following artists for their direct participation on this project: Eligh, Cookbook, Joey the Jerk, Max.One, Uncle Dan, Manchild, Absent Minded, kidDEAD, Spoken Nerd, Jeremiah Dirt, Kalvin Koolidge, Pigeon John, Chris Felix, Grizzly Beatz, Annex, Bonafide, Jeremiah Bonds, Willonious, Yoda, and David Mathewes. You guys are amazing, and we are honored to have worked with you.

To Heath McClure and John Behrens for the cicada facts voice overs. To Dan Mozgai of for lending insight on cicadas.

We would also like to thank our pals Luke Geraty, Kid Static, Motke Dapp, Flynn Adam, Uno Mas, DJ Allstar, MC Redcloud, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Soup the Chemist, J-Remy, Ajax Starglider, Fred Lynch of PID, J-Qwess, Shawn Brown, and G-Rhymez. Thanks also to our friends who have recorded or performed with us in the past.

For help with artwork, thanks to Monique Kendickian-Sarkessian, Keelia Paulsen, Jeb Wilson, and Nick Walker; and for web assistance, Jared Frederick Hall and Jenny Melita. To Joshua Gibbs for the amazing essay embodying the vision of the record. To Karla Jean Davis for the amazing photography. To Kami Paulsen for watching the beagles while
the vocals were recorded: thank you, dear one.

Thanks to Monica Schultz, Jeremy and Mark Knysh, Chris Felix, and Stephanie Coco for consultation on “Boca Girls.” To Dan Sack for giving some amazing ideas for “Love Slave.”

Thanks to each of the women for the lessons learned that inspired the stories that make up this concept record. A few of you probably know who you are. She who has ears to hear, let her hear. Hugs and kisses.

Thanks to Tim Strem, Michael Dunkel, Vinyl Jones, and Josh and Joanna Babyar for believing in us all those years ago. To Cameron Strang for naming us one of “the 25 best bands you’ve never heard,” and getting us so much attention from Nashville labels. Thanks to Bob Herdman for really believing in us, and all the O.G. Audio Adrenaline fellas. You’re a bunch of gems, and we are forever grateful to you.

To Saltwater Brewery of Delray Beach, Funky Buddha of Boca Raton and Oakland Park, and the Tipperary of Deerfield Beach for providing the atmosphere where most of these lyrics were written. Thanks to the Chevron gas station guy in Delray Beach for selling Chunjay so many crappy sets of headphones when in a pinch, when he simply wanted to have a beer and write a rap song.

Thanks to the great tap room folks who poured the beers. Especially Cassie, Cassi, Jordan, Jessica, Benni, Laura, Laurie, Gina, Kalah, Brittney, Kandace, and Julia. We should also give a shout to Clay, the Chads, Matthew, Jason, Harrison, Cameron, Morgan, and Will. The girls are cuter, but you guys are great, too. Many other servers and managers have gone unspoken, and for that we ask forgiveness.

To the admins of Ask an Orthodox Hipster. Thanks for being a digital shoulder to cry on and encouragement in the midst of everything. Kinda weird to thank admins of a Facebook group, but you guys are the real deal.

To the Samson Society members, both past and present, for your investment in authentic brotherhood.

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers: Peter Dimmick, Peter G. Winsky, Emily Sherman, Jordan Terrell, Lyndsey McClure, David McGee, Alex, Gary Sarkessian, Robert “Bob Went Crazy” Mahoney, Matt, Landsman, Patrick Blair, James Gardipee, Joel, David Bean, Darlene, Tera Holmes, Christina Ervin, Jeff Holton, Stephanie Coco, Marcos Ruiz, Jonathan Eaton,, Andrea Keith, Nathan Clark, Stephen, Robert Pelfrey, Shaun Hall, Daniel Larkin, Sheldon Gibbs, Genevieve Brough, Kathy Sweo, Matthew and Sarah, Robert Novak, Tra Jones, Joel Thomas, Assface, Katie Cowsar, Austin T. Storm, Hamre Family, Jeff, Sebastian Corriere, Kevin Basil, Sara Moyers, Nick Walker, Elissa Bjeletich, Zachary Bennett, Cory Bennett, and John Locurto.

Thanks also to Tyler Gomez, Fr. Mark Leondis, Ryan Gibson, Low-Carb Brian, Rou Villis, Nora Johnson, Joseph E. Pearce, Kami Rice, Kory, Mark, Larry C., and Melissa.

And thanks to you for reading this. You bought us a hamburger when you bought our record.