Projects Available

The Summer of the Cicadas (Invisible Library, 2017)
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Other Available Tunes
Special Release Single: “Resolution” (The Third Man Record Booth Version, 2016)
NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price) || SoundCloud (Free Download)

Compilation Feature: “In the Trap of the Mountain King” – No Sleep Till Christmas – Various Artists (Invisible Library, 2016)
Apple Music/iTunes || Spotify || Napster || BandCamp (Name Your Own Price)

Special Release: Lonely Christmas EP (Neopolis Media, 2016)
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Single: “The Waitress Song”/”Resolution” (Invisible Library, 2016)
Spotify || Apple Music/iTunes || Napster

Single: “October Unprocessed” (Neopolis Media, 2016)
BandCamp (Name Your Own Price) || Soundcloud (Free Download)

Single: “Concrete Art Gallery” featuring Yoda (Neopolis Media, 2016)
BandCamp (Name Your Own Price) || Soundcloud (Free Download)

Album: Seventeen Candles (Neopolis Media, 2015)
NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price—tips benefit cancer victim)

Album: Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Neopolis Media, 2011)
Spotify || iTunes/Apple Music || Amazon MP3 || Rhapsody || Napster || NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price) || BandCamp (Name Your Own Price)

Single: “The Great Beard Rebellion” (Neopolis Media, 2010)
BandCamp (Name Your Own Price)

Album: Pocket Lint & Spare Change – Deluxe Edition (Neopolis Media, 2008)
NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price) || Amazon CD

Album: Self-Titled (Flicker Records, 2002)
NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price) || Amazon CD || eBay CD

Single: “Cafe Marata” (Sphere of Hip-Hop Records, 2000)
Spotify || Rhapsody || NoiseTrade (Name Your Own Price on 17 Candles)


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